Holiday regions in the Sauerland

Very much worth seeing

To ensure that your stay in the Sauerland is something very special, it is worth taking a look at the tourist life around the Hotels der Sterne in the Sauerland. Whether you are a sporty traveller, culturally interested, on the trail of original stories or looking for exciting events. Also for nature lovers, those who enjoy the view and those seeking peace and quiet. We promise you: You'll find something.

Of course, we will be happy to advise you personally on the perfect holiday planning. We know where the most interesting events are taking place in the Sauerland holiday regions, where popular exhibitions are opening, where you can find sporting destinations or where special culinary delights are on offer. Our local tourist information offices have put together an initial overview with all the holiday information you need to know. Click here for the most beautiful holiday destinations in the Sauerland:

Arnsberg Forest Nature Park

The WaldMeer of the Sauerland

  • View over the Arnsberg Forest
  • Marking of the WALDROUTE hiking trail in the Arnsberg Forest
  • Hiking couple in the Arnsberg Forest
  • Lörmecke lookout tower in the Arnsberg Forest

Photos: © 1 Tourismus NRW - sabrinity, 2 + 3 Sauerland Tourismus - Klaus Peter Kappest, 4 Tourismus NRW

The Arnsberg Forest Nature Park offers a little bit of everything: mountains and valleys, streams and lakes, panoramic views and a dense forest sea. This great diversity makes it an equally charming and versatile experience and recreation area.

Sauerland Forest Route

A special highlight is the 240 km Sauerland Forest Route from Iserlohn to Marsberg. The Arnsberg Forest Nature Park gives the Sauerland Forest Route its unique and imposing atmosphere. Discover the diverse myths of the mighty beech forests, romantic floodplain, moor and gorge forests, species-rich swamps, bizarre rock cliffs and enchanted stream meanders. Experience the colours and smells of the seasons, enjoy the sight of special plants such as witchweed or iris, and sometimes pause for a moment: black stork, tawny owl, wildcat, fire salamander or other rare mammals, birds and amphibians can be seen as quiet as a mouse.

Numerous excursion tips

In addition to this WaldMeer, numerous excursion and hiking destinations await you, such as the 35m high Lörmeck Tower, Lake Möhne with its impressive dam wall and wildlife parks in Warstein and Vosswinkel. In the Sauerland Museum in Arnsberg you can learn interesting facts about the holiday region and find regional products in numerous farm shops.

The Arnsberg Forest Nature Park is a place to experience for every generation - without admission, without fences and right next door.

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Biggesee-Listersee nature discovery area

More than worth seeing

  • Summer at Lake Bigge with a view of the dam wall
  • Sunset at Lake Bigge
  • Gastronomy for breaks directly at the lake
  • Bathing meadow at the Biggesee - Schnütgenhof

Photos: © 1, 2, 4 Tourismusverein Biggesee-Listersee, 3 Radwerkstatt - Dennis Stratmann

The natural area around and near the Bigge and Lister lakes is becoming increasingly popular due to the wide range of possibilities.


Nestled in the Sauerland-Rothaargebirge Nature Park, guests will find the best conditions for hikes of all levels of difficulty. A well-signposted network of hiking trails is available for walkers and hiking enthusiasts - everyone gets their money's worth. With fantastic views!


The region also offers you a perfect infrastructure for cycling. In addition to the typical swinging landscape of the Sauerland with hills, forests and valleys, there are lonely roads and challenging trails that want to be explored by bike. The Bigge-Lister Cycle Ring is divided into an altitude route and a lake route.

Magical lakes

Spend dreamlike days on the crystal-clear lakes! There are numerous offers for sailors, divers, surfers, anglers or for swimming. What do you like: dreamy bathing spots to relax or rather bathing spots for romping and action in the water? You will find both in the Biggesee-Listersee nature adventure area.

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Schmallenberg Sauerland

Time for real encounters

  • Dramatic clouds over the landscape
  • Spot of colour foxglove near Latrop
  • Hearty views in Oberhenneborn
  • Hikers at a forest sculpture

Photos: © Schmallenberg Tourism - 1, 2, 3 Klaus Peter Kappest

Moment collectors welcome!

The Schmallenberg Sauerland and the Eslohe holiday region are an invitation to you to collect special moments and encounters. With the local people, with nature, with art and culture, and perhaps even special encounters with yourself. The vast landscape of this region and the special "Schmallenberg way" make it possible.

Varied offer

Between the highest point of Schmallenberg at 841 metres above sea level and the lowest at 329 metres, there are countless possibilities. Whether you are a hiker, cyclist, golfer, nature discoverer or culture enthusiast - you will be amazed at the variety on offer.

Short journey

Only about two hours by car from the conurbations on the Rhine and Ruhr, you will find this island of recreation, which after all covers 303 km². You are most welcome, woll?

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Holiday region Winterberg-Hallenberg

Be choosy!

  • Sunset in the High Heath Niedersfeld
  • Grazing Highlands cattle near Züschen
  • Mountain Bike Festival in Winterberg

Photos: © Ferienwelt Winterberg - 4 Klaus Peter Kappest

If you want to spend your holiday in the Winterberg-Hallenberg holiday region, you can be choosy! Because in the heart of the Sauerland, the choice of leisure, activity and wellness offers is almost inexhaustible.

Hiking and cycling

Hiking and cycling enthusiasts can look forward to a unique network of tours in one of the most beautiful low mountain regions in Germany, winter sports enthusiasts to a fairytale of pistes and cross-country ski trails, and families to attractive leisure adventures!

Enjoy pure nature on a hike along the Nuhne meadows or in the Liese valley in Hallenberg, storm the peaks of the eight-hundreds on the Winterberg Hochtour, immerse yourself in the history of the earth while cycling on the Georadroute, experience adventure in the trail and bike park, escape from everyday life at the Kappe adventure mountain, at the Hallenberg open-air theatre or simply relax and carve in the snow - the Winterberg-Hallenberg holiday region offers this and much more for all generations.

Designated routes and slopes

480 kilometres of hiking trails, over 1000 kilometres of cycling routes, 57 kilometres of ski slopes are just a few arguments why you can be choosy in the Winterberg-Hallenberg holiday region. So it's worth taking a look at!

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An overview

Photos: © 1 + 4 Klaus Peter Kappest, 2 Rothaarsteigverein - Klaus Peter Kappest, 3 Sauerland Tourismus - Rothaarsteig

Would you like more suggestions or are you looking for additional information about the Sauerland? Then take a look at the Sauerland Tourism page. Here you will find more tips and information.

The Sauerland and the hosts of the "Stars in the Sauerland" are looking forward to your visit!