Favourite places in the Sauerland

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Here they are within reach: the holiday stars in the Sauerland. In the middle of Germany, less than two hours by car from the conurbations on the Ruhr, Rhine and Main, you will find fascinating scenery, impressive tranquillity and everything that makes a holiday.

There are numerous favourite places in the Sauerland. Try it out and discover your own personal favourite. Whether excursion destinations, hiking routes, nature experiences or cultural highlights. The hosts of the stars in Sauerland have put together some suggestions for you:


Wisent enclosure in the Sauerland | © Schmallenberg Tourismus

The Wisent Wilderness

Stefan Wiese-Gerlach from the Jagdhaus Wiese recommends a hike to the impressive majesties of the forests.

"From Jagdhaus Wiese it is only three kilometres to the bison wilderness, which offers an impressive encounter with these imposing animals. A small herd lives on a near-natural area of about 20 hectares. You can walk around the entire enclosure on a nature trail. An appealing adventure restaurant makes the excursion perfect."


Hiking in the morning sun / © Schmallenberger Tourismus - Klaus Peter Kappest

The Oberkirchen Golddorf Route

Karl-Anton Schütte from Gasthof Schütte recommends a hike with a view.

"The Golddorf Route in Oberkirchen offers you pure Sauerland. Impressive distant views, a detour to the Schütte art forge and a whole lot of relaxation in nature."


Kahler Asten in the snow / © Schmallenberg Tourism - Klaus Peter Kappest

The Kahle Asten

Stefan Schneider from the Waldhaus Ohlenbach advises visiting the "King of the Sauerland Mountains".

"Only four kilometres away from Waldhaus Ohlenbach is the highest mountain in NRW. It offers a spectacular panoramic view, pristine moorland and a tower that is home to a weather station of the German Meteorological Service and an exhibition of the LWL State Museum of Natural History."


Heidekopf Tower near Hallenberg / © Schmallenberg Tourism - Klaus Peter Kappest

The observation tower at Heidekopf

Leander Diedrich from Hotel Diedrich is always impressed by this view.

"Up here you are far away from everything that burdens. At 710 m above sea level is the lookout tower, which rewards your ascent with a fantastic view over the Sauerland mountains."


Wilzenberg / © Schmallenberger Sauerland - Klaus Peter Kappest

The Wilzenberg

Andreas Deimann from Hotel Deimann loves the special atmosphere of this place.

"The Wilzenberg is a prominent point in the Schmallenberg Sauerland and has been a companion and protector of the people here for centuries. Explore the old ramparts and be inspired by the silence and power of this place."


Seelenort Rinsleyfelsen / © Sauerland Hiking Villages - Klaus Peter Kappest

Soul place Rinsleyfelsen

For Andreas Voss from Landhotel Voss , this is a place that should definitely be visited.

"Do nothing, just look. I sit on a rock in the surf of hectic everyday life. A sublime place for heavenly meditation. A refuge for romantics. Or simply a good resting place to eat sandwiches I've brought with me. They taste simply divine after a strenuous climb."


Beaver Lake in the Beaver Valley / © Kreis Soest - Zoomfaktor

Nature discovery trail Bibertal

Klaus Knippschild from the Hotel Knippschild recommends stopping by the Bibertal once in a while.

"For an interesting walk, I like to recommend the lovely Bibertal, which is only 5 km away from the hotel. Here there is a nature experience trail that takes the visitor into the wonderful world of the forest. Nature is actively explored here in a special way by smelling, feeling, hearing, tasting and seeing. Exciting for both adults and children."


Signpost to the Hunauhütte / © Stars in Sauerland - Hotel Rimberg

The Hunauhütte

Alfons Schnieder from the Hotel Rimberg recommends a hike to the Hunauhütte at an altitude of almost 800m.

"From the Rimberg pass to the Hunau hut it is a distance of approx. 4 km. Please take your rucksack and food with you. A rest with an entry in the hut book is obligatory. Afterwards descent into the Sorpe valley with a stop for refreshments. Return with the hiking bus to the Rimberg-Höhe."


Biggeblick viewing platform / © Sauerland Lakes - sabrinity

Biggeblick viewing platform

Christof Platte from Hotel Platte recommends the Biggesee "from above".

"There are many scenic hiking routes through the Repetal from the hotel. One of my favourite tours is the hike to the Biggesee with a spectacular view from the platform "Biggeblick" at a height of 90 metres."