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"Die Sterne im Sauerland"

Working in the hotel and catering industry is not just a job. It is a vocation, an attitude, a way of life! And besides, it's a great #gastrofamily

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Our mission: We are happiness makers!

A holiday, time out in the hotel, looked after by people who are passionate about being hosts - that makes our guests happy. Forget the stress of everyday life for a moment and "come down".

Being a host and hostess therefore contributes to people's well-being - a job can hardly have more meaning. In this respect, this will also be the case in the future, because relaxation and meeting each other are basic needs of people.

The task for us as an employer is to ensure that our teams are happy through proper framework conditions.


How about VALUE benefits?

Salary is important, but it's not everything. With us, there are also great benefits that give you a monetary advantage:

  • Work where others go on holiday: the Sauerland offers a high recreational value!
  • Private planning security: the "Sterne im Sauerland" hotels have been family-run for generations!
  • On top of that, you can expect the following employee benefits:
    • Super special prices for overnight stays at the "Sternen" and in around 600 other 2- to 5-star hotels in Germany
    • Employee card for 25% discount in the "star" restaurants
    • Free use of the pools at the employer hotel
    • Regular star team events for personal development and getting to know one another
    • Plus individual benefits of the hotels

Take a look at our job homepage and get to know us a little better in any case.

And if what you have found here appeals to you, then simply contact us for a no-obligation discussion on the phone, online or, of course, in person.

We look forward to meeting you!

Your "Sterne im Sauerland"

PS: The star profile gives you a quick overview.

Working with the stars

Two cooks in conversation

Dual vocational training

A practical approach to the future: You've finished school and don't want to study or do an apprenticeship that will tie you to a desk and screen from morning to night? Do you want to get stuck in? To work with people? Variety instead of monotony? And maybe you want to see the whole world? Then this is the right place for you!

Employee at the reception fills up the "Stars in the Sauerland" brochure

Attention: PRE(ure)PARTS

There are many prejudices associated with working in the hospitality industry. However, it is worth taking a closer look! Because everything has two sides. And suddenly there are also advantages that you hadn't really considered before. Take a look at the details.

Two service staff at the speciality coffee machine

Perfect job

Everything should be right: a good place to live, a meaningful job and a reliable employer. Find out here why a job with the stars in Sauerland offers everything you need for the perfect job.

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Career changers & industry returnees

The hospitality industry is characterised by team spirit and people. It is very varied and never boring. And all those who have the hospitality gene in them will find a deeper meaning to their work here. We are open to everyone: trained professionals, career changers, graduates and former industry colleagues who want to return after a "trip" to another industry.

Employer profiles

For more information about each employer, your employment contract, work environment, and benefits, see the employer profiles available as PDF files.