Hotels in the Sauerland

Reach for the stars!

To put it bluntly: you won't find crowds here. Nor will you find uniformity. What you will find, however, is honest hospitality, a lot of attention to detail and a holiday in a class of its own. That's how we are, the four- and five-star hotels in the Sauerland: Authentic. Hospitable. Familiar. A "home" for you and for the best days of the year.

As different as the hotels are, they all place great value on very high quality and equally very good service. In other words, hotels with character, as individualists like them; family-run and with gastronomic tradition. For example, you can look forward to a relaxing break and lasting recreation.

Whichever hotel you choose for yourself: You have always made the right choice!

And what else? Landscapes to fall in love with. Nature that decelerates. Tailor-made wellness holidays and activities for everyone. Indulgence that pampers the senses. Everything you could wish for on your holiday! Immerse yourself in moments of tranquillity and pleasure. In special rooms that are simply GOOD for you. Reach for the stars - your hotels in the Sauerland.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you again and wish you a good journey already today! Our hotels are definitely well prepared. They have adapted their procedures to the current necessities. Safety and hygiene are very important to us. And we thank you if you do your part to comply with the applicable hygiene and safety standards. Thank you!

Your "Sterne im Sauerland"

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Charming family-run hotels in Sauerland

The perfect triad for your holiday

3 people hiking in the rain in the forest with rubber boots


Relaxing in the hammock in the forest


Venison fillet with ravioli and chanterelles


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