Career changers & returnees

A warm welcome!


Are you dissatisfied with your situation? You sit at your desk all day, stare at the screen and try to concentrate? Yet you are actually more the practical type? Do you long for movement and variety during working hours?

Maybe you also dropped out of your studies because you realised that forever poring over books is not for you? That you feel like getting down to work and are more practically inclined? That you like people and would like to have more of them around you - from all kinds of cultures?

Be brave! Maybe it's time for a change. Take a look at what we have to offer and see if the catering and hotel industry might be just what you are looking for. We offer you the opportunity to get to know the running business and us personally without any obligation. This will give you an overview of the diverse activities in the industry and perhaps you will find that this is exactly what you have always been looking for. Of course, when you are hired, you will be individually and comprehensively trained and familiarised with your new area of responsibility.

Former industry colleagues

We understand that there may have been no other option but to move to another industry - for whatever reason. Are you one of them? Most recently, the long Corona lockdown period was very difficult for people who worked in the restaurant and hotel industry. We know that only too well.

But should it stay that way permanently? Do you now work in another industry... and miss the world of hotels and gastronomy?

  • The great feeling of team spirit when the hotel/restaurant is well booked and everything runs smoothly like clockwork. The cooperation during strenuous phases and the feeling of "we" after a successful day.
  • The variety of activities. The great variety instead of a monotonous working day.
  • The humanity and familiarity in dealing with the team and the guests. The daily integration of many cultures.
  • The flexibility of working hours. Having time off during the week to go shopping without having to take leave, to attend a doctor's appointment or to go shopping in peace and quiet without queues in front of the changing rooms.
  • And finally, the after-work beer with colleagues after work.

All the things that make working in the catering and hotel industry so special. Don't you miss that?

We know how it is - in crisis situations, the grass in the neighbour's garden often looks greener than our own. But is it really like that? Have you ever thought about returning?

No matter what the situation: simply contact us for a non-binding conversation! It can be on the phone, online or in person - whatever suits you. And who knows, maybe we are just the right people for your future career. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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