Employee testimonials
and the #gastrofamily

Of course, we can write a lot about how great it is to work for us. But what do our colleagues in the hotels think? Here we have captured a few employee voices that provide information about how they experience the star establishments in the Sauerland.

Christof Schulte

trained as a chef at the Hotel Jagdhaus Wiese in 2008 and returned here as head pastry chef in 2019

Photos: © Sterne im Sauerland - Jagdhaus Wiese, sabrinity / Christof Schulte

"I've been in great, large establishments. But working in a 300-employee business like Hotel Traube Tonbach is ultimately much more anonymous than in a hotel like Jagdhaus Wiese.

It's much more informal and if I want to discuss something with the boss, I can do so and get a direct answer. This trusting collaboration is what makes the difference for me in the end."

Thomas van der Wingen

worked until May 2023 as a lateral employee in the breakfast service at Hotel Diedrich

Photos: © Sterne im Sauerland - Hotel Diedrich - sabrinity

"After about 20 years as a painter, in 2017 it was time to do something new.

I see myself somewhat as an entertainer, with a vocation for good humour and harmony. So I seized the opportunity to develop my passion for hospitality at Hotel Diedrich in the breakfast service.

I am so grateful to the Diedrich family for giving me this opportunity as a career changer."

For private reasons he had to move, so he had to leave the Hotel Diedrich.

Lukas Oppmann

is a long-time employee as a cook at the Hotel Knippschild

"I started as an apprentice here at Hotel Knippschild 12 years ago.

And I stay because I have here what is important to me for my profession:Cooking with high-quality food and a family-like working environment."

Photos: © Sterne im Sauerland - Hotel Knippschild

Kirsten Dege

came back to the service at the Jagdhaus Wiese

Photo: © Sterne im Sauerland - Jagdhaus Wiese

"I once tried out another industry. I absolutely missed the passion for the profession, the respectful interaction with each other and the attention to detail.

That's why I'm now back in service at the Jagdhaus Wiese and feel totally at home!"

Max Bishop

remained after the apprenticeship still as a young cook in the inn Schütte

"In this job I can live out my own interest in food and foodstuffs every day!

Here at the Schütte, many things are still traditionally handmade, such as a hollandaise sauce or even the bread.

And it's extremely fun for me to try out new creative ideas with my colleagues."

In order to get to know other kitchens, he moved on to a new company at the beginning of 2023.

Photo: © Sterne im Sauerland - Gasthof Schütte

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