Job PRE(ur)TEnS

Every industry has its own prejudices to contend with. The hotel and catering industry is no exception. In fact, there are some negative views that prevent many people from seriously considering this industry as an employer. However, people overlook the fact that these points also have their advantages when looked at more closely:


Advantage Flexible working hours | © The stars in Sauerland - Hotel Diedrich - sabrinity

Unfavourable working hours

Yes, we work at times when others usually have time off: weekends, evenings and holidays.

However, it is also true that

  • of course we also regularly have weekends, evenings and holidays off.
  • at the "Sternen im Sauerland", working hours are recorded digitally and thus completely transparently. Any overtime is compensated fairly.
  • there is hardly an industry where so much flexibility in working hours is possible: you have to take care of official matters or keep a doctor's appointment? No problem! You regularly take that day off in the week and don't have to take a day off for it, as in other industries. You are a single parent and can only work in the morning, afternoon or evening? No problem - we offer a wide range of (part-time) working models. After all, we are there for our guests from early in the morning until late at night.
  • many destinations are less crowded during the week and shopping is much more relaxed. Sometimes even entrance fees are cheaper during the week than at the weekend.
  • night owls" can preferably be assigned to late shifts, while early risers start fresh in the morning shift.

Real friendship is independent of working hours | © pexels-helena-lopes

"I then no longer see my friends and family"

Yes, our working hours may be different from those of the people we care about.

However, it is also true that

  • we always try to realise a desired free time: If you have an important appointment, this will be taken into account.
  • you can always meet up with your friends after work; and if you plan your service cleverly, you can even sleep in the next morning.
  • real friendship does not depend on working hours!

Monetary benefits | © The stars in Sauerland - Waldhaus Ohlenbach - sabrinity

Poor payment

Yes, the hotel and restaurant industry belongs to the service sector, which has a lower salary structure overall than the industry.

However, it is also true that

  • for North Rhine-Westphalia, the rates will increase significantly on May 1, 2023, and the starting salary after training will then be around € 2,450. Apprentices will receive € 1,100 per month in the 1st apprenticeship year, € 1,200 in the 2nd apprenticeship year and € 1,300 in the 3rd apprenticeship year.
  • the stars in the Sauerland pay at least according to the collective wage agreement. Any overtime is accurately recorded and paid out or compensated with time off.
  • there are numerous monetary benefits that bring advantages.
  • star employees can take a vacation at around 600 2- to 5-star establishments in Germany at a very reasonable price.
  • the tip that guests give as a thank you for great service is not guaranteed, but it can be a nice extra pocket money.

Career and success without studies | © pexels-tom-balabaud

"Only with studies can I become something"

Yes, for many professions, a degree is required to obtain a position of responsibility or to become self-employed.

Not so in the hotel and catering industry!

Here, if you are really keen and motivated, you can very quickly open your own business - whether with a food truck, a trendy restaurant or a special place for guests to sleep. There are no limits to creativity. With a classic dual training programme, practical experience and supplementary courses or specialised studies, you are well equipped for self-employment.

And: You earn your own money from day one and don't have to pay back BAföG or other financial aid later.


For sure there will be travelling in the future! | © The stars in Sauerland - Waldhaus Ohlenbach - sabrinity

Uncertain industry

Yes, our industry was extremely affected by the lockdown during the Corona pandemic. The policy imposed the mandatory closures and only decided on possible relaxations at very short notice.

However, it is also true that the holiday business is doing very well again with the opening of the businesses.

This confirms that our industry has a future, because people will always travel! We are part of people's lives and give them a piece of quality of life. And our guests will not want to do without that in the future! The purpose of a holiday is to relax and get fit for everyday life again. In particular, short trips in one's own country, preferably to quiet, "green" areas are in great demand. The Sauerland with its host establishments is thus one of the preferred holiday regions in NRW.


The hospitality industry is integration in action| © The Stars in Sauerland - Hotel Diedrich - sabrinity

Integration & Teamwork

Our industry is integration in action: colleagues from Spain, Indonesia, Syria, Portugal and many other countries work in our companies. The cultural exchange promotes general knowledge and mutual respect.


Living and working in a holiday region| © The stars in Sauerland - sabrinity

Live and work where others go on holiday

The Sauerland is a region where others go on holiday. Travellers love the vastness, the nature, the healthy air and the people. Guests leave the hustle and bustle and anonymity of the city to take a deep breath, regain their composure and be cared for by great hosts.

So why not treat yourself to the luxury of living and working directly in a holiday environment. The recreational value of the Sauerland is high and many offers are free. Outdoor activities such as cycling and running are possible everywhere and at any time, and the many great routes are just waiting to be explored.


Useful expertise for private use | © The Stars in Sauerland - Hotel Deimann

Useful expertise and knowledge of human nature

Invite and spoil family and friends: Everything you learn during training and later in your professional life can be perfectly used in your private life. Work processes that you learn on the job can be used, for example, to organise your own household.

Who has expertise in drinks such as wine, cocktails or spirits, regional and exotic foods and knows how to prepare them? A perfectly prepared party becomes even more memorable. The invited guests will be delighted.

And through the daily contact with many different people and nations, you gain a lot of knowledge of human nature, which helps you to stay cool in every situation, even in private.